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Online DHIS

Online DHIS and M&E system is web-based, open-source and integrated GIS based management information system. It collects information from all public health facilities (DHQs, THQs, RHCs, BHUs and Dispensaries) from 24 districts of Sindh. The M&E system produce analytical dashboards with drill down facilities. The system helps executive for data management & analysis and for the program monitoring & evaluation. The performance is evaluated based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Balance Score Card methodology. The data of KPIs is extracted from existing MySQL/PostgreSQL databases and depicts the information in the form of dashboards. The databases are updated remotely via HTML pages and Mobile Apps. The dashboards show ranking of the health facilities and their key trends on thematic/GIS maps. The executive can evaluate the performance of their departments and hospitals instantaneously on their desktops and smart phones. More details can be seen on the following link.

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